Lezbihonest Now..

Toughest post I will probably have to make buuuuttt here we go..as you can tell by the title of the post..I am a Lesbian..I found this out about myself about a month ago but my attraction to girls started maybe two or three years ago(when I was in 7th grade)…I’ll make a whole other post about I came to the conclusion that I was gay…it’s been hard accepting this about myself because of the fact that most of my close family does not agree with being gay and I fear that if I do come out I will be disowned by the people I’m closest to….I haven’t really come out to any family but I do believe they have an idea that I am. But they haven’t questioned me about it but I hope to come soon or when I have the courage to..I wanted to post this because of the simple fact that one day I will be in a relationship with a girl and hopefully same-sex marriage will be legal by the time I’m old enough to marry and I really needed to get it off my chest haha..I hope you guys and all my future followers will accept me and continue to follow me through this journey 🙂 if you have any questions or need advice be sure to leave a comment or message me if that’s possible on here haha



Lazy Sunday :)

Don’t you just love Sundays where you don’t have to get up early on Monday..Well I most definitely do :D….it started off with me getting up at 8:42 and stayed in bed till 9:30..Then my parents and I went to the grocery store(boooorrrrinnng haha) then later on we went to the movie theater and saw the movie Chef which I have was a very good movie..it had a bunch of humorous parts but also had many pull at your heart strings moments haha I would definitely recommend it but don’t bring your kids it’s rated R(we didn’t know until the last moment)..it’s days like these that make me want summer vacation to come faster:) I hope you all had a good and lazy Sunday..I’ll probably end my day with reading Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Claire which is a whole other blog post in itself haha

Orlando Bound???

My family has always been BIG Disney fans(we’ve gone at least twice a years or as long as I can remember) and loved the Orlando area and it’s basically a dream for us to live in Orlando but as far as I know the housing market isn’t the greatest..but yesterday to my surprise while me and my dad were going home from dance..he says in no sooner in three years(I’m a freshman and he want me to at least be out of highschool and my brother in a university) that we are packing our stuff up and making the three hour move to Orlando!!! I love the thought of living there but at the same time I have a TON of questions like “Where will I dance?” and “When will I get to see my grandparents and other family that live close to us?”. But I have to admit I was pretty excited 🙂